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Compensation in Missouri Car Crash Cases

There are tens of thousands of car crashes in Missouri every year. A great many of those result in injury or death. When a crash is caused by someone who broke the rules of the road and as a result someone is injured, that person is responsible for the harm. That person must compensate the driver he injured. But what types of losses can be compensated? Here are the most common types of compensation.

Financial losses caused by a crash are the most common types of losses. These are things like medical bills, repair costs, and lost wages. These losses are generally demonstrated by documents like bills, estimates, and time sheets from work. Although financial losses can be severe, the most important loss in a car crash case is the human losses.

Human losses, or Non-economic damages, generally make up for the vast majority of a person’s loss from a car crash and require the greatest amount of compensation. These are losses to a person’s enjoyment of life, ability to get around, and peace of mind. They take away from what we enjoy and prevent us from fulfilling our days. Sometimes it’s difficult for outsiders looking in fully grasp a person’s human loss from a crash, so it’s important to make these losses relatable and understandable. Only then can one get full and adequate compensation for non-economic damages.

These are the two main categories of compensable losses, but they constitute a numerous array of harms, too numerous to list in this blog.