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Uncovering the Truth in the Digital Age

The internet and the digital age have made it hard for people to get away with lying. Nearly everything we do or say is recorded someway, whether it be an email, phone call, or even the places we go. Our location can be tracked with our phones, social media posts last forever, and almost everyone has a video camera on their phone.

Take for example the latest scandal by Ryan Lochte. He tried to lie to cover something up, but digital surveillance cameras did him in. Police obtained video footage from nearby businesses showing what actually happened. They showed his story is not true and forced him to admit as much.

We see lies in almost every case we get. I believe this is because when a person or company breaks the rules and hurts someone, they’ll sometimes do anything to avoid having to pay for it. This means that companies will lie and make up stories about accidents to get out of having to pay to make it right. Thankfully, the internet and digital era make it hard for people who break the rules to lie about it.

We use as many tools as we can to find the truth in our cases. And, we are always researching new ways to uncover the truth in this digital era.