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The Heart of Premises Liability Cases

All premises liability cases, whether slip or trip and falls, crime victim cases, or falling merchandise, stem from a business’s obligation towards its customers. All businesses that let people onto their property must make it safe for their customers. Even our own homes must be made safe for those we invite into our house. As a society, we’ve made it a rule that if we invite people into our homes or our businesses, we must make these places safe for our guests.

This rule stems from the fact that we know more about our own dwellings than outsiders. We know, or at least should know, whether any dangers exist on our property because we live and work there and spend more time there than anyone else. Since we know more about our own property than outsiders, it stands to reason that we should warn outsiders we’ve invited onto our property about any dangers.

If we don’t warn our guests about dangers on our property, and as a result a guest gets hurt, we are responsible for the harm. We can’t simply chalk up the incident to happenstance, or blame the guest for getting hurt. We have to make it right. This is the what premises liability cases are all about.