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Jury Instructions in Missouri Car Crash Cases

When you go to court in a Missouri car crash case, the rules of the trial and the issues the jury must consider come from the Missouri Approved Instructions. These instructions are read to the jury by the trial judge. The instruction book covers many different types of cases.

For car crashes, the instructions have several different verdict directors, or ways in which a jury can hold a defendant liable for a crash. They include specific acts of wrongdoing like passing on the right, driving on the wrong side of the road, and failure to signal intention to turn. They also cover more general acts of wrongdoing like failure to keep a careful lookout, following too closely, and unable to stop within range of vision.

Most types of car crashes are covered in the instructions, but sometimes the instructions have to be modified to cover a specific at of negligence that causes a crash. When you have to do this, it is important to stay as close to the instructions as possible because straying too far could result in a mistrial.

Using jury instructions in car crash cases can be tricky at times, and it takes experience trying cases to get used to them. But after time, they become easier to navigate. Contact the firm today for more information!