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Streetcar and Trolley Injuries in Kansas City

Streetcars and Trolleys are excellent forms of public transportation in sprawling urban environments. Many cities recognize the economic development this method of transportation provides, and now Kansas City has joined the ranks of other great cities such as Portland, San Francisco, and Denver.

Although the Kansas City Streetcar provides an excellent transportation option, these rail systems pose a risk of serious injury. Whether the injury occurs based on the construction of the streetcar and rail line, or whether one is injured in a streetcar accident involving negligence, our Kansas City personal injury attorneys are familiar with both roadwork negligence and train related injuries.

As the streetcar is set to open in Kansas City this coming Fall, we will continue to update our personal injury blog to provide information on the upcoming Kansas City streetcar. In the meantime, if you believe you were injured as a result of the streetcar construction, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 816-221-7555; there are important time deadlines related to your potential claim and lawsuit.