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Falling Gas Prices Results in More Traffic Fatalities

NPR reported recently that a decrease in gas prices results in an increase in traffic fatalities. What should seem like a positive for most Americans has shown to be the ultimate loss for some. They reported that a $2.00 per gallon price drop results in an astonishing 9,000 additional traffic deaths per year.

These shocking numbers are due mainly to the increase in the number of drivers on the road when gas prices fall. The cheaper gas prices are, the more people will get out and drive. This means statistically that there will be more traffic accidents.

But, as the story reports, the increase in deaths is also due to the fact that higher-risk drivers are the ones who drive more when gas prices are down. Teenagers and young drivers with less disposable income are generally higher-risk drivers. With more of them on the road when the gas prices are low, their driving poses more risk to all motorists.

NPR also reported that people change their driving habits depending on gas prices. The higher the cost of gas, the more motorists will try and conserve that gas by driving slower and more conservatively. The cheaper the gas, the less people are concerned with conserving it. Therefore, they drive faster and riskier and are more likely to cause accidents.

So, with gas prices hitting record lows, please be extra careful driving. Be mindful of your surroundings and buckle up.