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Trip and Falls from Kansas City Trolley Construction

A few days ago we wrote about trolley injuries in Kansas City. I want to expand on that and address a particular area of concern that is plaguing Kansas City pedestrians right now.

Anyone visiting downtown right now can tell you how problematic the trolley track construction is for driving. But, pedestrians in the area are experiencing worse dangers. The construction has created trip hazards and premises liability cases stemming from the construction have their own unique aspects.

For one, the holes, trenches, and equipment must all be adequately barricaded and flagged so that their presence is clearly visible to pedestrians. Just like a store must warn customers of water on the floor, so too must the construction companies and the City warn of trolley construction hazards.

Another unique aspect of trolley construction injuries is finding out who is responsible for barricading and warning of hazards. The City is generally responsible for the safety and upkeep of the streets and sidewalks, but they've hired contractors to work on the trolley tracks. These companies are responsible for their own work and cannot count on the City to barricade and warn of the hazards they create.

If you've been injured by the trolley track construction in Kansas City and have questions about an injury claim, please feel free to contact us at any time.