Licensed in Missouri and Kansas

We Conduct Thorough Investigations

At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, we give nearly every case one chance to settle out of court. In order to put our client's case in the best position to settle, or file suit if settlement doesn't happen, we conduct an intensive investigation where we gather as much evidence as we can. Because we dedicate a lot of time and energy to our investigation, we constantly learn of new things to find.

One of the attorneys at our firm has written about obtaining 911 recordings in the past, but recently we found you can get a log of the 911 calls showing the location of the tower the 911 call was routed through. This can help in cases where an accident location is uncertain or is in dispute. Since the calls are usually routed through the nearest tower, you can use their location to help narrow down the accident location.

We've also recently started canvassing businesses around accident locations to find out if they have surveillance footage of the accident. These businesses are not obligated to provide the footage if they have it, but we've found that they are typically pretty cooperative and willing to help. We've also found it's important to ask around immediately after an accident because these businesses tend to record over surveillance footage after about a week.

Of course, there is never a shortage of information you can find online. Nearly every person has some sort of social media profile and many of those people make that profile viewable by the public. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few of the social media sites we check regularly for everyone involved in an accident. You would be surprised at what you can find online.

If you've been hurt in an accident and are curious about our investigative process, please feel free to contact us at any time.