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Tis the Season for Danger

Regardless of your reason to celebrate this season, your children will likely be inundated with toys and gifts that can potentially cause great harm. With the excitement of the holidays and opening every gift, it is easy to overlook the potential dangers posed by toys we regularly consider safe. Here are a few things to consider this holiday season when giving and receiving gifts:

  • Read warning labels. Warning labels indicate whether the toy is appropriate for your child's age. While these warning labels are a guideline, not a bight line, the recommended age of the child does provide guidance as to whether the toy is appropriate for your child's age range. The labels can be small and difficult to find or read, but you may save your child from potential hazards by taking a few minutes to look over this warning.
  • Take inventory. Before your child is allowed to take her new Talking Tina® doll to teatime, give all dolls and stuffed toys a "once over." Make sure small detachable parts like eyes and bows are securely attached. Also be aware of sharp edges that could poke an eye or scratch your child. Toys that heat up are also of concern as they may cause burns if left running and unattended over long periods of time.
  • Look for tiny accessories and parts. Most toys come with too many small and unattached pieces and parts. Because of the size of these items, they are easy prey for a toddler's mouth. Take these pieces and put them away. The toy will still work without them.
  • Packaging is dangerous too. Last time I opened a Barbie®, I think she unnecessarily had 9+ twist ties. I wondered why she needed the high security level, was she destined for Alcatraz or a date with Ken. Twist ties, plastic baggies, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and all the "fun stuff" are made to keep our gifts safe and secure, they are not to be played with.
  • Safety gear is essential. If gifting a bike, trike, or scooter, be sure to gift a helmet. Put safety first.
  • Use common sense. If a toy does not seem appropriate for the recipient, it probable isn't. There is no reason to get a two year old a ten-speed.

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