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Holiday Driving: What You Should Know

The holidays are upon us and people across the country are driving to relatives' houses or their vacation spots. The amount of traffic on our roads will greatly increase, as will the amount of careless driving. The holidays have historically had the greatest number of car accidents than any other time of year. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, December had the most traffic accidents in 2011. If you're driving for the holidays, please keep these things in mind.

Watch for cell phone use. We all do it. Even if it's a simple glance at your phone at a red light, everybody – to at least some degree – uses their cell phone while driving. But in almost every case I've had, the person who causes the accident almost always denies it. Because of this rampant denial, keep your eyes peeled for cell phone distraction. If you notice a fellow motorist glancing at their phone, keep your distance. If that person causes an accident, whether you're involved or not, please stop and make it known to the responding officer that you saw the person using their phone.

If the weather is bad, slow down. Your speed and care must match the weather conditions. Driving the speed limit in a snowstorm can still be negligence if you case an accident because you may have been driving too fast for the weather conditions. If you notice someone driving too fast or carelessly – even if it looks like they're driving the speed limit – keep your distance and stop and wait for the responding police officer if that person causes an accident.

Finally – and this should go without saying – don't drink and drive. The Missouri Department of Transportation traffic studies consistently show that the most alcohol-related car crashes happen during the holiday months. Please avoid adding to these statistics by getting a sober driver.

Please take care driving during these holiday and don't put yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured in car crash during the holidays.