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Brian Russell Settles Inadequate Security Case for $40,000

Meyerkord & Russell is proud to announce that Attorney Brian C. Russell was recently successful in settling yet another case. This time, he was hired to represent a client who had been robbed at gunpoint while visiting a gas station in Kansas City. She had been outside of the store with a friend when she was approached by the armed robbers. They proceeded to lead her friend to the back of the gas station, presumably to shake him down for more money, and gave her a window of opportunity to seek help. Since she was without a cell phone at the time, she quickly ran into the gas station in search of a phone. The on-duty attendant, who was located behind a plexiglass window, refused to call the police or offer any assistance. Instead, he falsely claimed that the store did not have a phone.

Our client proceeded to wait for another customer to enter the store so that she could use their cell phone to contact the police. Although the robbers eventually fled the scene without causing her friend physical harm, the incident left our client emotionally traumatized. She subsequently underwent psychiatric counseling and even took several weeks off of work so that she could cope with the traumatic events that she encountered. Soon thereafter, she made the decision to enlist the help of Attorney Brian Russell. Despite the fact that she had extensive pre-existing psychological problems, she felt that she deserved compensation for the emotional injuries that she had endured—and we agreed. After evaluating the case, Mr. Russell determined that the client's economic losses were around $9,000.

Once he had the opportunity to speak with the gas station's insurance company, however, he decided to push for a more substantial level of compensation. In the end, he was able to negotiate a $40,000 settlement on behalf of his client—which will subsequently help her to manage the psychiatric expenses that she incurred and reimburse her for the hardships that she was caused. For this reason, the legal team at Meyerkord & Russell is happy that this client made the decision to trust in our firm. Between Mr. Russell and Mr. Meyerkord, we have been able to assist countless victims in obtaining the damages that they deserved. If you have been involved in a similar incident, we encourage you to find out how our firm can help. We will fight diligently to secure the monetary compensation that you are owed, so contact our office today for a free initial consultation.

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