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Attorney Meyerkord Settles Accident Claim for $25,750

The legal team at Meyerkord & Russell is pleased to announce that Attorney Matthew D. Meyerkord was recently successful in settling an accident claim for $25,750.00. His client had been injured while taking a tour of a Johnson County apartment complex, from which she was thinking about renting. An agent of the facility was driving her around in a golf cart when the brakes gave out, sending them hurdling down a steep path. In an attempt to avoid a collision, the agent turned the cart violently into a sewer drain. Mr. Meyerkord's client was subsequently thrown from the vehicle, and came to rest atop a concrete slab. As a result, she suffered a severe back sprain and deep bone bruising throughout her knee and leg. Soon thereafter, she made the decision to retain the help of our very own Attorney Meyerkord.

Once he had the opportunity to review the circumstances of the case, he discovered that he could seek compensation from two separate insurance companies: the one who insured the driver of the golf cart and the one who insured the apartment complex. Since the case was venued in Johnson County, KS—wherein it is often difficult for victims to recover a fair amount of compensation—Mr. Meyerkord decided to press the insurance companies for an adequate out-of-court settlement. In the end, they concurrently agreed to pay his client a total of $25,750.00 to resolve her claim. This monetary award will ultimately help her to manage the medical expenses that she incurred, as well as compensate her for the emotional trauma that she experienced in the aftermath of the accident, so our firm is happy with the outcome of this case.

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