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Attorney Brian Russell Settles Slip & Fall Case for $28,500.00

The legal team at Meyerkord & Russell is excited to announce that Attorney Brian C. Russell recently settled a case for $28,500.00. His client has been seriously injured after falling down the stairwell of a medical center's parking garage. As he descended a flight of stairs, a metal lip on the top stair crumbled out from underneath him, propelling him feet-first down the stairwell. On the way down, he suffered serious injury to his head—eventually leading to a mild concussion and upper back strain. To make matters worse, he had already been visiting the medical center to treat a prior brain disease. Although he was finally nearing the end of a six-month recovery, the slip and fall accident set him back another six weeks. He was even forced to miss two weeks of work, which resulted in approximately $2,500.00 in lost wages and another $2,500.00 in paid medical bills.

For this reason, he made the decision to retain the help of our very own Kansas City personal injury lawyer. After reviewing the case, Mr. Russell moved forward with a lawsuit against the property owner, two different building managers and a maintenance company that oversees the building. Before the case made it to trial, the responsible parties agreed to settle the case at mediation for a total of $28,500.00. Not only will this level of compensation allow Mr. Russell's client to more comfortably manage his medical expenses, but it will serve as suitable reimbursement for the pain and suffering that he was caused. As such, our firm is extremely pleased with the outcome of this case. If you or someone you love was involved in a similar accident, you should not hesitate to find out if the legal team Meyerkord & Russell can assist you in securing damages.

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