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Snow and Ice Problems at the 2013 Western Farm Show in Kansas City

This year's Western Farm Show in Kansas City took place on February 22 to 24. Unfortunately, Kansas City saw record snow fall and freezing temperatures on the 21st, rendering many of the parking areas at Kemper Arena – where the Farm Show took place – unsafe. We have reports of dozens of people injured in the parking areas at this event. This event provides a good opportunity to explain the law on personal injury claims from slipping and falling on snow or ice.

Typically, land owners are not liable for natural accumulation of snow and ice. However, if some other act contributes to the dangerousness of the snow and ice accumulation, or if the landowner undertakes to clear the snow and ice but does so negligently, then the landowner may be liable for someone's injuries when they slip and fall on the snow or ice. There may also be other instances where snow or ice accumulation creates liability for the landowner.

We have investigated injuries that occurred because of the massive snowfall at the Western Farm Show this past February in Kansas City, and it appears that the problems in the parking areas where the most injuries occurred were the result of something other than natural snow and ice accumulation. Therefore, those injured people may have a valid claim for compensation for their slip and fall injuries.

If you have questions about slip and fall cases involving snow or ice, please feel free to contact our firm. We have handled many such cases and can explain the ins and outs of making a claim for damages from such an incident.