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Site Inspections

One of the most important aspects in premises liability or even product liability cases is a site inspection. This is when the place of injury or a product that injured someone is inspected after the fact. Inspections are vital to most cases. Here are some important aspects of site inspections.

Although it can be difficult for severely injured clients to revisit the place of injury, it is very important that the client accompany the lawyer for the inspection. Nothing helps more in understanding how someone got injured than actually having the injured client show how and where it happened. Because of this importance, oftentimes we will bring a videographer to record the inspection. We may even bring an expert familiar with the dangerous condition if the case warrants it.

The sooner you do the inspection after an injury, the better. This is because memories fade, sometimes making it difficult for the injured client to remember how an accident happened. Also, the dangerous condition of the property or the product causing harm may be changed or destroyed altogether. As soon as practicable, an inspection must be done.

If you have been injured because of a dangerous condition on someone's property or because of some dangerous product, it is important to see a lawyer right away so a proper inspection can be done.