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When Are You Compensated in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury accidents can exact a heavy financial toll on people and knowing when you can be compensated in your case is an important matter. Motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death and slip or trip and falls can cause you to incur medical bills, lose time and wages from work, or even cause you to lose your job. This puts you in a tough spot economically.

Unfortunately, compensation in a personal injury case does not happen until the end of the case. The money you get in personal injury cases is meant to be compensatory and make up the harms and losses you've incurred, and any insurance policy that would cover your loss won't pay out until the end. Also, you only resolve a case once. If you take any money as settlement of a case, you cannot ask for more later if you incur additional damages. For these reasons, we always wait until we know the full extent of your damages before trying to resolve it. This doesn't happen until the end.

So, what can you do if you're in a tough spot economically because of a personal injury accident? Sometimes there is insurance coverage that will pay you for damages as they are incurred. This type of coverage, could med-pay or no-fault coverage, typically covers a physical place like a store or a car. It is not mandatory so may not be available in every case. If you have outstanding medical bills, you can ask the provider to hold off on collection until your personal injury case is resolved. They are not required to do so and may not agree, but a Kansas City personal injury attorney from our firm has had success doing this in the past.

There are other options available, and I would be happy to discuss those with you if you or a loved one finds yourself in a tough economic spot because of a personal injury accident. Contact the firm for addtional information.