Security Negligence Claims in Kansas City

Injured due to security negligence?

Inadequate security and negligent security are types of premises liability cases that involve the failure of proprietors such as hotel owners, restaurant owners and shopping center operators to provide all visitors and guests with proper security measures. In certain cases, there has been a history of crime at a particular place of business. If this is the case, and the business or property owner did not take reasonable measures to protect his or her patrons or tenants, that owner or manager could be held liable for the injuries that the visitor or guest suffered due to a lack of or negligent security measures.

Security measures not only include security guards, it can also refer to proper visibility through:

  • Adequate lighting
  • Enhanced locks
  • Security alarms
  • Ongoing mainteance of security systems

If security measures are not maintained or repaired, it is considered a breach of the landlord or property owner's duty, and is will be regarded as negligence by the court. An example of security negligence would be to fail to provide visitors to hotels or motels with secondary locks such as a deadbolt or chain and this lack of added security contributing to a break-in, assault or other criminal act that led to injury or harm.

Kansas City Premises Liability Lawyer for Negligent Security Cases

Tragically, as a result of negligent or inadequate security, violent crime cases can take place, including murder, rape, wrongful death and assault. These crimes could have easily been prevented had the property been adequately protected by security guards or properly maintained locking doors, gates or entries. Many crimes are committed in areas that are hidden from public view, where a criminal can take advantage of a visitor or guest by assault, robbery or other act.

Our firm believes that those responsible for any violent crime through security negligence should be held accountable for their failure to protect those who are present on the property. Even though the property owner did not directly commit the crime, the negligent security allows these parties to be held liable for the injuries, pain and suffering, loss of wages and future loss of wages of the victim.

Please speak with an experienced attorney from our firm if you are a victim of negligent security and have suffered injuries.



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