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In Missouri State law, it is strictly illegal for a person to leave the scene of an accident in which they caused injury to property or persons without first providing their name, place of residence, motor vehicle number, and driver's license identification. Despite the obvious illegality of leaving the scene of a hazardous collision, hit & run accidents do frequently occur. If you have been struck by another driver who then dashed away before you could collect their information, know that there is still hope.

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Seeking Justice and Fighting On Your Behalf

While law enforcement frequently does track down and prosecute hit and run offenders, the criminal penalties they might face do not take care of the property damage or personal injuries you have suffered. When you work with one of our attorneys, we can construct a solid case for you that aims to reward you with the maximum recovery possible for your case. By filing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator separate from any criminal trials they could be facing, we can give you the chance you need and deserve.

When we represent you, we could win you a settlement that helps pay for:

In situations where the negligent driver disappeared and could never be identified – including when you come back to your car in the parking lot only to find a massive dent in it – there are still ways our Kansas City car accident attorneys can assist you. We know how to negotiate with your insurance company to ensure that you are not being offered an unfair settlement. After all, you should get the recoveries you deserve, regardless of who ultimately provides it.

You Can Turn to Meyerkord, Russel & Hergott in Your Time of Need

The core value of our firm is protecting the rights of our clients. We believe that no one should have to suffer due to someone else's mistakes, negligence, or intentional wrongdoing. By pursuing justice, wherever it may be needed, we have been able to prove ourselves in our community as a legal team who both genuinely care about their clients and are able to stand up to the biggest oppositions in the courtroom.

When you work with our Kansas City hit & run lawyers, you will benefit from their varied accomplishments, such as:

Whether we need to speak to witnesses to your accident or speak directly to the responding police officer, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your claim is paid on time and in full. Reckless drivers or insurance companies, whomever it is we need to challenge on your behalf, we are ready and willing to stand up to the task.

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