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Investigation of Trip and Fall Cases

Investigation of any personal injury case is vitally important. Before a demand for compensation in any injury case, all aspects of the case should be thoroughly investigated. This gives your personal injury case the best chance of settling out of court. But, is also makes you prepared for battle if your case doesn’t settle and you have to go to court.

Investigation is most important in premises liability cases like trip or slip and falls. These cases live or die around the problem that caused the slip or trip. How long was it there? Who knew about it? What did it look like? How bad was it? Did anyone else slip or trip on it? Questions like these must be answered before a demand for compensation can be made.

Because of these questions, time and resources must be spent early on in the case to investigate. This almost always includes a site visit of the place where the incident occurred to see if the problem still exists. It is also helpful to interview surrounding businesses or homes to check if people nearby are aware of the problem. For example, people living near a defective sidewalk usually have helpful information about the nature and extent of the problem and are usually willing to give helpful information.

If you’ve slipped or tripped on a defect at a store or business, it is important to hire a lawyer who will carefully investigate the problem to show how bad it was. Our office prides itself on thorough investigation and will take the time and effort to look into your case.