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Dog Bites and Strict Liability in Missouri

A law in Missouri makes dog owners strictly liable for injuries stemming from a dog on the run. What is strict liability?

Strict liability means that a person or business is automatically liable for injuries that a certain action causes. It typically applies to actions that are inherently dangerous. With strict liability, you don't need to prove that someone did something wrong, in other words that the action was negligence. You only need to show that the action caused harm.

With dog bite cases in Missouri, you only need to show that the dog bit someone and its owner is automatically responsible for the harm caused. You don't need to show that the actions of the dog owner giving rise to the bite were negligent; you only need to prove that you were bitten by a dog.

Traditional factors still come into play when deciding whether you have a good dog bite case, such as the amount of harm caused, the venue, and whether the dog owner has insurance or the ability to pay money to compensate you for your losses. But not having to prove negligence because of strict liability is a major help in dog bite cases.

If you've been bitten by someone else's dog and you would like to know more about making a claim for compensation for your injuries, please contact our firm to speak with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer today. We have a lot of experience with these types of cases and can answer any questions you have.