Rights of Injured Workers

Kansas City Workers' Compensation Attorney

Under Missouri state law, workers must be provided with workers' compensation benefits should they be injured on the job. Workers' compensation statutes govern the obligations of employers and the rights of their employees. Any employer that has five or more employees must provide their workers with protection under the Missouri Worker's Compensation Law. Employers usually comply with this law by purchasing an insurance policy. In some cases, employees will choose to self-insure their workers.

No matter how your employer has decided to provide your workers' compensation, you are entitled to benefits after a workplace injury. After a serious injury, this becomes a very urgent issue, for the injured as well as the family. If you've recently been injured at work, report your injuries your supervisor immediately. The law requires that employees provide notice of their injury or accident to the correct person at the company. Missouri law provides that your employer has the right to select the doctor where you are to get an evaluation of your condition. You have the right to seek a second opinion from a doctor of your own choosing, which is often necessary.

Benefits for Injured Workers in Kansas City

Sadly, many individuals that are confused or overwhelmed by the process of filing a workers' compensation claim never get the full compensation that they have a right to after an injury at work. It is often necessary for an experienced workers' compensation attorney to step in and aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation that the individual has a right to claim. In addition to compensation for your medical bills, you are also entitled to compensation for mileage to and from medical treatment.

It is important to speak with an attorney regarding your case as you may be entitled to a settlement payment for permanent disability. Additional categories of compensation may include occupational diseases, disfigurement and scarring due to a workplace accident, as well as compensation for the inability to return to work. You have the right to file a claim for your compensation and if your employer has violated the law and failed to carry worker's compensation insurance, you have to right to sue the employer in civil court when it is established that the employer's negligence played a part in your injury.

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