Vexatious Refusal

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When your insurance provider does not use proper business practices to evaluate your damage claim and denies it for undue causes, they have committed bad faith insurance. To answer their wrongdoing, you need to create a claim of vexatious refusal, a form of litigation in Missouri that allows insurance policyholders to sue their insurance carrier for monies they deserve but were denied. At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, our Kansas City insurance claim lawyers can step up to your insurance provider and fight for what is right on your behalf.

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To make things even easier on our clients after they have been wronged by their insurance carriers, we offer free case evaluations and contingency fee agreements – no recovery, no fee. When used together, this allows our clients to retain our professional legal services for no money upfront and nothing out-of-pocket. You can call us toll-free at 888.880.3157 to speak to us today about your case. We help clients in Missouri and Kansas.

Recovering Through Litigation

Vexatious refusal is not a common area of the law, and insurance carriers would probably like to see it remain in obscurity. Our attorneys do our best to not only educate our clients of their rights but also to uphold them in the face of great opposition. When we handle your vexatious refusal claim, we immediately prepare your case for court, for we know that insurance companies are doing the same thing. This initiative can give you the advantage as the trial progresses and we use carefully reviewed evidence to show not only should your claim be accepted but that the policy controller denied it for legally unsound reasons.

You can hope to recover the following through your vexatious refusal claim:

  • Original value of loss stated in insurance claim
  • Attorney fees
  • Fiscal penalties for your inconvenience

Your Insurance Contract Must Be Respected

When you purchased your insurance policy, you were undoubtedly under the impression that the insurance company would uphold their end of the contract. When you kept making monthly premiums, you showed again and again that you respected the contract. It is only fair that you are helped when you need coverage for injuries and damages.

If a claim of vexatious refusal is your best bet of finding your coverage, and additional compensation, allow our Kansas City injury lawyers to be the one to front your case. Contact us today and begin working on your better tomorrow.



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