Kansas City Rape Victim Attorney

Have you been a victim of rape?

Sexual acts that are not consensual are considered rape. This can include someone who is not old enough or does not have the mental capacity to be able to consent to a sexual act. Any nonconsensual sex whether by force, violence or fear comes under the category of rape.

At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, we firmly believe that any person who has been the victim of rape deserves fair treatment within our legal system and the right to recover from physical and emotional suffering.

Understanding What Must Be Done

Rape is a violent crime that is often vigorously prosecuted by the courts. Actions taken by the state do not, however, always fully assist a victim to recovery from their mental and physical trauma. This is where we would like to be of service to you or a loved one.

Many times, the rape could have been prevented if proper and adequate security measures and procedures been in place and followed. Sometimes, the perpetrator of the crime will not be charged or the prosecution will fail to make their case. A Kansas City personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights and towards your full recovery.

Protection of Your Rights

There can be many adverse effects of rape beyond the initial act itself. Frequently, there is additional violence beyond the rape which can cause catastrophic injuries requiring treatment. Rape can cause a person to leave school or be unable to hold a job. A sexually transmitted disease can be the unfortunate outcome of this crime of violence. Some victims have nightmares or are unable to engage in intimate relationships.

Our criminal justice system may or may not successfully prosecute the person responsible for the crime, but an experienced and caring attorney can work towards seeing that you are properly compensated for what you have experienced.

The perpetrator may be sued in civil court for their actions and made to pay. If failure or negligence on the part of a property owner or others was a contributory factor in the rape, a civil suit may be filed against them as well. We work diligently towards providing the means for you being able to recover, both physically and mentally, and thereby regain your life.

Contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney if you have been the victim of rape and desire just compensation for your suffering. We stand ready to fight for you, so please do not hesitate to call today.



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