Contingency Fees

No Fees Unless We Win

If you have been injured, or your loved one has been injured, the last thing you need is to be forced to pay out more money. With hospital, doctor and other bills rolling in, as well as lost income from work, the financial stress accompanying an injury can be significant. An advantage of being represented by Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott is that we operate our practice on a contingency fee basis. What that means to you is that you are represented by a trial lawyer that is fully committed to getting results, and that we only get paid legal fees if we win for you.

Contingency Fees and Your Case

How can we serve you? We make the process as easy as possible for our clients. The first step involves a free case evaluation. This allows us to get the basic information about your case and assist you to determine how to manage the situation and get your claim paid through a settlement. There are some cases that are more complex, and it will require taking the case to civil court for a verdict.

In either case, you can be completely confident that your legal team is fighting for your interests and is pursuing fair compensation for all the losses you have suffered, including hard costs, or economic damages, and personal losses, such as pain and suffering. You deserve to get the maximum possible when another person or corporation is responsible for your condition. We are zealous advocates for the "common man" and stand up against large corporations, insurance companies and others who may be trying to avoid paying fair compensation.

We Are Confident In Our Abilities

We are so confident in our ability to recover damages that we never charge our clients legal fees until the case is resolved. Once you have received your settlement or recovered compensation through a verdict, we are paid for our services. We know that an injury case is extremely stressful and emotionally draining, as can involve permanent or very serious injuries, or in the most terrible cases, the loss of a loved one. Legal matters must be dealt with, but there can be little energy to focus on this aspect of the situation. We take the case fully in hand, allowing you to focus on your personal life and your recovery, fully confident that your interests are being protected.

Our History of Success in Injury Cases

We have a reputation for getting results, and our court record is something we are very proud of. We work hard, and long hours to craft a case that improves your chances of a faster result at a higher value. We have achieved many notable high value victories, and we are ready to help you too. Whether your case involves a car accident or your family lost a loved one and needs to file a wrongful death claim, we are prepared to advise you about what to expect, how we can help you, and the predicted length of time to get the matter settled. We care about our clients on a personal basis, and we are always available. Our clients have our cell phone numbers so that we can be easily reached. We are fighters and we will be with you all the way.

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