Kansas City Chemical Burn Lawyer

Construction Accidents and Chemical Burn Injuries

Substances that are corrosive to organic tissue such as acids, bases, and hydrocarbons cause chemical burns. The type of chemical and concentration level will determine the severity of the burn. When an individual's eyes or skin come in contact with a corrosive chemical, it can result in serious tissue damage. Although workers' compensation is designed to benefit those that have been injured on the job, the benefits may not be adequate to cover the damages resulting from serious chemical burns.

In such a case a seasoned attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation from a negligent third party. Highly qualified legal counsel is available to you if you have suffered or endured watching a loved one suffer. Our firm has the following to offer:

  • A proven record of obtaining results for clients
  • Has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal injury victims
  • We do everything possible to mitigate their financial and legal stress

At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, our legal team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of personal injury law. We will not hesitate to challenge large insurance companies who may be hesitant to pay out the maximum possible. No one should have to face the consequences of injuries caused by the negligence of another. We strive to always provide clients with the highest level of representation possible.

Chemical Burns and Injury Claims

Chemical burn accidents have become a serious problem in the Kansas City area. In many cases, it is found that safety regulations on construction sites were not being properly enforced. Sustaining a chemical burn is not only extremely painful and damaging, it can be permanently debilitating. Chemical burns are particularly dangerous due to the fact that they can occur immediately upon contact with a dangerous substance and continue to interact with tissue for a period of time, creating disfiguring scars and other extremely painful injuries that are difficult to treat. Contact us today so that we can review your case.



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