Catastrophic Injury Cases

Pursuing Compensation with Our Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer

A person can suffer a catastrophic injury in many types of accidents. Generally, the most common ones involve car accidents, work accidents, construction accidents and medical malpractice cases. A catastrophic injury normally involves a life-threatening situation, such as:

When injured in such a manner, they can alter a person's life forever, leaving a person disabled or unable to enjoy life and be gainfully employed. Not only is the injured person affected, but their family as well. Because catastrophic injuries are so severe, they require extensive and costly medical treatment and often cost a person their ability to work effectively.

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Due to these circumstances, it is crucial to retain a skilled Kansas City personal injury attorney to fully document and prepare a claim for damages to the person or business liable for the damages. Your future well-being will be affected by how effective your personal injury lawyer can be in aggressively negotiating and settling your claim.

At Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott, our knowledgeable attorneys have the experience you need to pursue a strong settlement or take your case to trial if necessary. You deserve the maximum in recovery for your damages, especially for the pain and suffering you will have to face now and in the future.

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Our office believes in working hard for our clients in the Kansas City, Missouri area. We treat each case individually and will provide you with personal attention. You can always reach our office, where we quickly return phone calls or emails. We are a small, intimate firm but have the resources you need when it comes to settling your catastrophic injury claim.

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