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Our legal team is experienced and well-equipped to conduct the investigation, prove your case and negotiate with the insurance companies. It is important that you do not merely accept the first offer that the insurance company offers, because it is most often far below the cost of your entire recovery and the trauma that you have been through.

Insurance companies are for-profit companies, and the less they pay you, the more profit they make. It is therefore in their best interest to compensate you as little as possible, even if you deserve much more. A Kansas City personal injury lawyer from our office can provide you with information regarding your rights and the options you have.

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If you are a surviving family member of someone who has been killed in an accident, you are entitled to compensation for any medical costs, funeral costs, their lost wages, and your emotional pain. We understand the serious toll suffering an injury can place on you and your family. At times your daily life may be altered either temporarily or permanently. At the same time, the cost of medical care is often more than a family is prepared for.

When you are suffering because of an accident that was caused by another person, and that person was negligent or reckless, it is not right that you should have to pay the costs associated with your injuries. The responsible party should be held financially responsible as well - and that is what our firm fights to do.

It can be very crucial to your case to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your injury, even if you are not sure about who is responsible and whether or not you will file a claim. Not only can your attorney help you determine these things, but he or she will quickly work to investigate your case before evidence can be fixed or covered up. If at all possible, always remember to take pictures of the scene of the accident; this can be a very helpful step of the investigation for your case.

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