5 Things to Keep in Mind if You Are Harmed or Someone You Know is Killed by a Defective Product 

Product liability (cases can be complex and difficult. Your case will be made simpler if you adhere to these guidelines.

1. Keep the product or take a video or photograph of every part of the product.

The product may contain important identifying information that will help in making a claim for defective design, manufacture, or warning.  

2. Write down every time you have used the product.

This will help determine if you were using the product correctly or if your usage caused you harm because of a certain defect.  

3. Get the names and contact information of anyone who ever saw you use the product.

Again, this will help determine if the product was used incorrectly or if it was used in a way that would cause harm to the user.  

4. Keep all documentation related to the product, including manuals, warranties, warnings, receipts or written agreements

This may contain information relating to promises that claim using the product is safe and won't cause you harm.  It may also contain information on how to correctly use the product. These things will help you develop a strong case.  

5. Do not return the product to the manufacturer or retailer until you consult with an attorney

Your attorney may be able to have an expert conduct tests on the product to see if it really is a defective/dangerous product, or to find out how it was able to cause you harm. This is often a very important aspect of a products case.

Following an injury or wrongful death caused by a defective product, it's important to learn of your legal rights and options. Contact our office to arrange a free initial consultation with a Kansas City personal injury attorney who has experience handling product liability cases.



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