5 Things You Should Do if You Witness a Personal Injury Accident

If you witness someone get hurt because of another's negligence or wrongdoing, please at least do these five things. It won't take you long and it will greatly help the injured person obtain compensation for their losses.

  1. Stop and help. Everyone is too busy and it's hard to interrupt your current task. But please show a shred of decency and at least stop to help. If you see a car accident, pull over and offer help. If you see someone trip and fall, stop and offer help.
  2. Give your name and contact information to the injured person. If they are too hurt to talk to, give this information to one of the emergency personnel.
  3. Get the injured person's name and contact information. You may want to know how they are doing at a later date and you should let them know after the accident that you were a witness.
  4. If you have a smart phone with a camera, take pictures. A picture is worth thousand words and personal injury accidents are no exception.
  5. Try and write down what you saw as soon as possible. Memories are like bread, they go bad after time and may be unusable if you wait too long. Therefore, write down what you saw as soon as possible and hold on to it. You should offer to provide the writing to investigators or the injured person.



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