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Have you had an accident due to a defective tire?

A defective tire is one of the many causes of automobile accidents. Most major car manufacturing companies advise car owners that tires need replacing after 6 years, however, tire manufacturers have claimed that tires may last up to 10 years! This can be very misleading for customers, since a tire begins aging from the day it was produced, not when it was purchased. These customers might unknowingly continue using aged tires and putting themselves into a potentially dangerous situation.

Obtaining an effective Kansas City car accident attorney is the first step you should take if you have had an accident involving a defective tire. Call us today to get started!

Common Causes of Tire Defects

Tire failure can occur if there is too little air pressure in the tires, causing the components inside the tire to over work and even potentially burst. This is called a tire blowout. Tire failure can also occur if the tread has split from the tire. Often times aging can result in weakened adhesive between the tire and tread, ultimately causing tire failure.

A tire may also become defective due to the following:

  • Defects in design and production
  • Using poor or low quality materials
  • Tire storage and installation
  • Tire manufacturing
  • Extreme changes in weather

One of the ways our firm can assist with your case is by closely examining all of the details and evidence involved in your case to determine whether or not the defective tire was the cause of the accident. Whatever the cause, be sure to come to our firm to dedicate counsel regarding your personal injury case.

Look to Our Firm for Assistance with Your Case

Our firm is dedicated to obtaining favorable results for all of our accident and injury cases using thorough investigation practices. If a tire defect caused your accident and you suffered injuries, incurred large medical expenses, or lost income due to being unable to work, you deserve just compensation.

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