Dealing With Insurance Companies

Our Kansas City Injury Attorneys Can Fight for You

It would be great if insurance companies merely paid fair compensation. This is definitely not the case, however. If you were injured in a vehicle accident, you need to be paid the full amount necessary to handle:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Issues related to your inability to work
  • Loss of compensation, now and future
  • Pain and suffering

At our firm, take each case in hand and carefully manage every step of the process.

We are very familiar with dealing with insurance companies and their representatives, we know how they operate, and we know how to get a case paid fairly. Those who try it on their own can expect to recover far less in compensation than when we are managing a case. Why? We know how insurance companies operate, we know the law, and they know we are trial lawyers and will take the case to court if they do not come through with a fair settlement offer.

How Insurance Companies Operate

We are very familiar with how insurance companies operate. When a claim is filed for damages after a car accident, it goes through a specific process. Initially, the insurance company adjuster will contact you and will try to find out the extent of your injuries. You could be called or visited in person, and there will be a request to gain access to your medical records - don't agree to this! Although there is a rare case where an insurance company will make a fair settlement offer, it is almost a certainty that the first offer they make to you will be unfairly low.

Unfortunately, people who have suffered serious injuries in an auto accident and are unable to work, or incapacitated, are also usually suffering financial stress. They are bombarded with medical bills and may be struggling to pay their regular bills. This is a situation that allows an insurance company to offer a low settlement - and sometimes an unsuspecting victim takes the offer. This can be a terrible mistake, as once you sign off on the settlement, you cannot go back for more if your injuries have further complications and require more treatment.

Managing a Car Accident Claim

We don't accept a low settlement offer. We know how insurance companies try to pay out the minimum, and our goal is protect our clients' right to full compensation. This means the negotiating process begins. This is not just a discussion, although this is part of the process. We submit full documentation to support the case. We have engaged in an evaluation of the losses you experienced, as well as the estimated financial losses in the future that are the result of the injuries you sustained.

This is a process that is extremely important to the final outcome of your case. We also demand full compensation for pain and suffering, as well as loss of quality of life. This can be an important issue in any case, but particularly cases of permanent injuries, such as disfigurement, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, severe internal injuries and others.

Our Commitment to You

Our goal is to serve you and protect your interests. We are responsive to all of your questions, are easily reached, and we genuinely care about the outcome of your case, your future health and your ability to move forward with your life after an accident. We will fight for the maximum possible compensation and we are skilled negotiators and litigators. We know how to prepare a case, how to present a case and how to get it paid fairly. Insurance companies have their procedures - and we have ours.

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We are steadfast and when we know that the case has merit, we are ready to fight for you at every step. Our careful and full case preparation is a distinct advantage, as the insurance company knows we mean business. We are on your side, available to you and we care deeply about getting results.

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