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Air Bag Injuries in Kansas City

Air bags have been being installed on new cars for some years now in order to protect us from serious and devastating injury resulting from a front impact car accident. Although air bags have resulted in a decrease in deaths, the devices themselves can pose a threat and cause injury. Airbags must inflate very rapidly in order to be effective and can reach a speed of over 100 mph when being deployed. Although they are to be used in conjunction with seat belts, the extensive impact of an airbag can cause injuries that can be severe in both drivers and passengers.

If a driver is slumped over the steering wheel or taking measures to avoid a collision they may not be able to maintain the recommended 10 inches between their breastbone and steering wheel in order to prevent injury. Those types of instructions are rarely given to an individual prior to getting behind the wheel. In addition to the force sustained when an airbag is deployed, the airbags themselves contain gases and substances, which can become irritants to an individual, particularly when the occupants are not able to exit the vehicle quickly after the impact.

Kansas City Defective Airbags Lawyer

In addition to the potential injuries mentioned above, airbags can be defective, either by deploying when they aren't supposed to or not deploying when they should. Both can result in devastating injuries such as severe head, neck, face and spinal injuries. A defective air bag can even be the cause of an accident.

Determining the source of your injuries is crucial to the liability issues revolving around a car accident. You need a skilled Kansas City car accident lawyer who is knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with the issues when air bags are involved.

The Meyerkord Law Firm of Kansas City can help in determining the correct causes of your injuries and the proper handling of your claim. When airbags are deployed in a car accident, injuries can result and our office will ensure you get the compensation appropriate for all of your injuries.

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